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Unexpected Keywords!

I added Google Analytics a few months back on the with a view to replace SmarterStats which is hosted on our server. I’m looking at replacing many of the things that are running off the server with hosted solutions as its always running at capacity and slowing the site down.

There’s 2 main things i’ve always looked at on any of the stats programs, namely refering sites & keywords, and i’ve noticed some unanticipated keywords to say the least …

The 61st most popular keyword on WSG yesterday was big tit huge boob porn star needs a plumber hard..and gets it!! and tap that into Google and there it is, 6th on the search results. The 10th most popular keyword over the last month was lolly badcock & michelle b’s snog-fest and it appears as the 11th search result in Google.

Now the culprit here is youtube. I thought i was being very clever when i added a video page to all the resorts. I used the Youtube API to do a lookup on a few keywords and then display the results. The first video gets shown and then i list all the other videos that match those keywords, click on a video and it then plays within the page, all nice and AJAX’y. The tags & comments on the video are also displayed, and i figured i should expand the functionality, so if you click on one of the keyword tags it will then reload the page and show videos matching that tag, using URL parameters.

I appreciated that if someone changed the URL parameter on the page, then it would show any videos matching that keyword e.g. but i had no idea that somehow these would eventually start to appear in search engine results, unless any other site added it as a link, and to the best of my knowledge this hasn’t happened.

Not what i was orginally intending ...

Not what i was orginally intending ...

If anyone can explain how this has happened then please enlighten me, and in the meantime i’ll be adjusting the code …


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